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Writer's Block: Prone to puns

How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

Dry.Anything goes. Grow Thicker skin.

Conversion Completiastic Accomplishia

I have completed all conversion requirements including the bet din and mikveh.  It's official.  I am Esther. Today is my rebirth date.  June 10, 2010. I'm so happy. And I feel so new.


I wish I could leave Facebook alone. She's a dirty rotten mistress. Like a drug, I cannot get enough.  My will power is great, so I will try to wean myself.  I doubt my success.  I just feel less intelligent, the more I log on to FB.  I might as well sit in a dark corner and smoke weed.


I've been mildly crampy post ovulation, so I'm bleh...until my period in nine days. At least, I control my arrrggghhh...better. I think a happy marriage lends itself to minimizing premenstrual irritability.  I wish it did something for these cramps. If I'm already cramping now, what's in store for my period. Bleh.


Rate my life quiz; Random, I know....lol

This Is My Life, Rated
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Sorry, my husband just got back and I'm kinda....er...busy....a lot....lately...LOL Will not try to pick this back up. I just paid my renewal fees, I'd better make use!!

Swim Away

I just realized I'm not cursed into the bust martyrdom that prohibits one from finding decent swimwear.  I float at 32G, 34F depending on the bra. G-d's good gift for nursing four years straight between two children, I always joke.  But when tempts get warmer, I almost blaspheme.  Until this day.  Today.  I remember what no swim wear specialist has called to my remembrance shy shrugged shoulders as if I'm the only one so afflicted...36DD translates to 32G and 34F...I will buy those and get them snipped to fit..  Nordstrom offers free alterations. So, that's my solution. Not cursed to wear the Spanx red thing that looked so cute on the hanger, but fit me like I put my arms through the leg holes of a pair of granny panties.  No, thank you. I have a sexy reputation to keep.  LOL....Even though that suit did lift the girls up smooth the waist a bit. I'm a Spanx junkie, but honestly it's just a comfort thing.  I needed it for such a long time, it's hard to stop wearing the Spanx shapewear now. So, 36DD will generally fit a 32G and 34F...I will buy those.  Solution gained. Summer saved.

May. 28th, 2010

Will catch up with you guys tomorrow...promise. Kisses