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10% Divided By Zero

Barely two months into 2014, I explored a lot of new territory this year. Choosing to go completely outside of my comfort zone, I started job seeking.  I conveniently forgot that I am terribly awkward. I am seeking a job in either Computer Science, Biology, and/or Mathematics that will commute to relevant employment experience on my resume. I freelance for a skincare brand and shoot engagement sessions, but educational background is in Political Science, English, Computer Science, and (most recently) Mathematics. Blame both the preposterous notion that people only use 10% of our capabilities and the popular lateralization of brain function theory. Challenge accepted.
So, the newness of the aforementioned territory is that I am actually seeking a job related to my degrees. Today, I was master of my aloofness. I woke up to a Carrie situation, Stephen King's not Bradshaw. Lactational amenorrhea over. Egg suicide resumed.TMI, but I forgot all about the female affliction. It had not dawned on me that it was mine to remember. And today it arrived. It greeted me this morning and it felt like I was forced to entertain an unrepentant stranger who poured red wine on my new, white carpet. I did not once let this affect me. I aced today's interview. I nailed it.
I had two amazing interviews these past two days. One job is a Computer Science/Mathematics hybrid and the other is more medical technology.  Wish me luck.



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Mar. 2nd, 2014 08:12 pm (UTC)
Haha! Thank you!
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