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On Thankfulness

The Saturday after the world’s supposed end, I relaxed at home with my family. It’s the same thing I do almost every weekend. Refreshing ourselves for the new week ahead and reconnecting after the past week’s demands. This week was more reflective. It was a week ago that we began mourning for the children and faculty lost at Sandy Hook elementary. I have two boys the same ages as the lost children. They are filled with joy, energy, and wonder. I imagine those Connecticut children were as bouncy and engaging. What a keen age. Sharply connecting their spongy knowledge with life as it happens around them. So much promise potentially lies ahead, but tomorrow is not promised even to the young.

I believe in maintaining an attitude of thankfulness no matter what, but sometimes I fail to recognize just how much gratitude I owe. In these times, even the smallest mercies should not be taken for granted. My family. My friends. My health and the health of my loved ones. My opportunities. My sanity. My every breath. I am thankful for it all.